Monday, December 12, 2011

Things are about to get ugly

...on Smashwords, at least. While I love putting in the effort to format my ebooks to include graphical chapter headings and scene breaks, Smashwords does not like this and will not put such books in their premium catalog, so I'm going to have to uglify those files. It won't happen for a couple of days, and for anyone who's bought an uglified copy who wants a pretty one, just email me and I can send it to you. This also means that the versions that will appear in iBookstore and Kobo will be boring old plain text. Oh well.

A big thanks to everyone who's downloaded Someone Else's Fairytale for free on Smashwords and helped get the word out. I'm starting from square one, here, with my writing career. Because I wasn't able to get a book published within two years of my first one, I am as good as a newbie to readers, so everyone passing the word along and downloading copies has been great, keep it up! Some kind individuals have also gone to buy the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble even though they don't have to. I really appreciate that. Though no one should worry too much about the sales I'm "losing" by making the book free. In order to make any real money as an author, I need to move FAR more copies than have been downloaded free. So please, get the word out. Download it for your friends (or if you hated the book, your enemies!) Email copies to anyone you think might be interested. This is what we call extremely low budget publicity, and while it isn't the only kind I will be relying on, every new pair of eyes on that book helps me.

Another big thank you to those of you who have posted reviews. I don't know if you've noticed, but each one has bumped the book up a few thousand slots on the sales list. They make a huge difference, especially in these early days, so please accept a virtual hug from me (or a handshake if that makes you uncomfortable.)

Amazon and Barnes and Noble will soon have copies of the ebook up with some typos fixed and some formatting oddities cleared up - Smashwords will get this makeover when I uglify the manuscripts. In the meantime, know that once you download off Smashwords, you can get every updated edition of the book that I upload after your purchase date.

Hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday season!

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