Monday, July 2, 2012

Castles on the Sand will be released August 20, 2012

First, let me thank all of my generous Kickstarter backers again. As I type this, I am inputting the last round of copyedits and Castles on the Sand will go out to Kirkus today. We should have our review from them back by August 13, and so I am setting the official release date for August 20th. Everyone who ordered a special edition through Kickstarter will get their book in advance. Review copies will ship after the special edition and before the release date. For everyone waiting on the general release, here's the book trailer again:

This last month I've also uploaded Someone Else's Fairytale onto Wattpad, so you can read the whole novel for free here. You can also buy it on Kindle and Nook and those versions have prettier chapter headings and swirly scene breaks. Or if you're old school, you can even order it as a paperback. I accept no responsibility for anyone getting addicted to Wattpad and its dynamic community of up and coming authors (might want to clear out some time in your schedule before you head over there.)


  1. Congrats on the coming release..

    1. Thanks, Savannah! I've got the next six weeks' work cut out for me.