Saturday, December 15, 2012

Two links

Pixel of Ink
Like my new badge? I was *shocked* this morning when one of my reviewer friends emailed me to let me know that Someone Else's Fairytale had been featured on Pixel of Ink. Pixel of Ink is very choosy. I personally know exactly one other person who's been featured by them, and she had over 250 five star ratings when that happened. So today I had a very fun sales spike and get to wear the badge, something I didn't think was in the cards for a long, long while.

That kind of overshadows my other announcement, which is that I posted about my collaboration with German translator, Michael Drecker, on The Scribbler's Cove. Head on over there for the details, while I just provide this visual. It's the sales chart for the book's sales on

Much of the credit for this goes to Michael, who has a talent for translating chick lit. I bet he never even suspected!

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