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Emma Calin's Three Way Seduction: Escape to Love

Hi, Emily, Thanks for hosting my on the second day of the Blogger Book Fair (BBF)!

My name is Emma Calin, I am a British writer of steamy romances and gritty short stories and novellas. I am lucky to have two homes, one in southern England and the other in France. I enjoy blogging about my life in the two locations – it's really fascinating to be able to observe life from two perspectives.

I have recently launched a collection of my individual stories as a 'boxed set' called 'THE LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE COLLECTION'.

It came out on the 18th July and is available on Amazon Worldwide in e-book format for Kindle, iPad, Android, iPhone, Mac, PC etc.

My new collection consists of five stand-alone titles which are all available on Amazon as separate entities as well. They are realist 'true life' tales from the less advantaged sectors of society – often based on my own experiences or folk I have met. Although not romances as such, they follow a common human theme – the quest for love and respect in a harsh world. Social realism for the 21st century.

Today I am featuring one of the stories: 'ESCAPE TO LOVE' on Emily's blog. I would like to offer you a snippet from 'ESCAPE TO LOVE' , in the form of a '3-Way Seduction' – by sharing a character, a location and a sentence from the end of a scene.

Book Title: Escape To Love (#3 in the Love in a Hopeless Place Collection)
Genre: Suspense/Romance

Blurb: Even in the barren wasteland of urban decay new green life is possible. In Nature and in Love, that which can be, somehow finds a crack, a corner or ledge and grasps its chance of life.

A woman on the run from domestic violence with no one but her vulnerable autistic teenage child as a companion, lives in isolation and fear. While her hand to mouth scenarios are played out in the shadow of a threatening suspense, a story of crime and love unfolds around her. She cannot risk her child. Her own longings for love and romance have to take a poor second place. When the fallout from a prison break, a hero rescue and a murder mystery crash through her door and into her need and loneliness, it is no longer a crime story. It is a question of when Love in itself is a crime and how far a woman will go in its name and for those she loves.

A powerful novelette that explores survival in adversity, love in peril and the bond between a mother and her special-needs daughter.

Emma's 'Three Way Seduction' - A Character – A Location – An end of scene sentence: 

Character: He must have been about 6’4”, a foot taller than her. His broad shoulders almost filled the doorway as he stepped out of the shadows. She let him pass. He smelled of man-sweat, mud and wet clothes.

Location: Maria knew for herself the fear of sirens. Now a helicopter hovered over woods at the edge of the estate. On the air of deepening dusk, she caught the sound of dogs. Outside in the strange darkness there was trouble. She shuddered, feeling even more alone and glanced at the clock. Lucy had not come home from school.

End of scene sentence: If he touched her now she would let go completely.

Were you seduced?

Here's a link to my book trailer for Escape To Love: http://youtu.be/eUxzzHaN8fA

To celebrate the launch and the Blogger Book Fair, the Collection, which includes ESCAPE TO LOVE, is available for the bargain price of 99c/77p each for the duration of the fair (The Collection will be going back up to $4.99 from the 1st of August).

If that's not enough to tempt you, I have also made one of the stand-alone titles – 'ANGELA' from the collection, FREE – go on, download it you know you want to!

Thanks for having me Emily, regular readers of this blog can visit Emily's post on my blog here: http://www.emmacalin.blogspot.com

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Twitter:@Emma Calin

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  1. I am also grateful for the authors who tweet with our students. It’s so awesome

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  3. Emma is flawed and it makes her interesting to read.