Monday, May 5, 2014

New Reviewers' section on the site and my next cover reveal

Signups are now open for the cover reveal for my next novel, A SAFE SPACE. Here's the blurb for the book:

Everyone needs a safe space.

For me it was always in front of the camera. I played the lead on the hit show, All About Veronica, from when I was twelve until I was eighteen and the series got cancelled. It was the perfect life for me, and I loved it.

Now I’m too old for that kind of role, and the set of my new show is not a safe space. Everyone’s a critic, certain that I don’t have what it takes to break out of my typecast as a child star. Deep down, I agree with them. All those years I was hamming it up in front of the cameras and working nonstop, everyone else my age lived their lives and grew up. I’m still twelve years old on the inside; I’ve never even had my first kiss.

Which is why I need to avoid Devon, one of the personal trainers at my gym. He is the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever met, but he’s awful. He uses women and brags about how he doesn’t do relationships or even second dates. He mocks me and my hit show every chance he gets. But, whenever life gives me more than I can handle, I want to turn to him, pour out my heart and lean on him for comfort. This is a fantasy that I have to shake before he catches on to the power he has over me. It’s just that when he stops smirking and we set the mockery aside, we have these moments when I almost feel safe once more.

To sign up, go here: I've also added a section for reviewers to my site here, so if you ever want to participate in any of my cover reveals or blog tours, check there for the latest sign ups!

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