Thursday, May 1, 2014

Next book is done, but release will be in a few months

My next book is done! More or less. It's being copyedited right now. The title is A Safe Space and I'm still working on the synopsis (it's kind of up on Goodreads, but I don't like how it reads at the moment). It is basically the sequel to Break It Up, but it stands alone just fine. The lead character is Lizzie Warner, roommate to Kyra Armijo, and her story really has nothing to do with Break It Up or the rest of the Fairytale books. It just occurs in the same universe.

Things will be a little different with this launch. I have a publicist now! I'm very excited to be partnering with WordSmith Publicity and they will be doing a lot of the launch details coordination, while I'll still do my ARC mailings and such like always. They will schedule the cover reveal for the book and the release date will be no less than two months after the cover reveal, so expect it in July at the earliest (right in the middle of when I'm moving house. Am I crazy to do that? No. I just really like having an excuse to get out of the packing. My husband and I have a deal. He does the heavy lifting, and I don't complain about anything that gets broken or lost or left behind. And if I distract myself with a book launch, I likely won't even notice or remember.)

And while the gears are in motion for the launch of A Safe Space, I'll get back to writing the third Fairytale book, The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf.


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to read it!

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