Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meet Lizzie Warner, your typical teen, except...

Nineteen is supposed to be an age of promise, a time of transition from the awkward teen years into the adult world. For all too many, though, it's a time of crisis, a time when we feel we should have all the answers to who we are and what we'll do for the rest of our lives, but we've only just begun to learn how to ask those questions.

While a lot of Hollywood romance on the market are modernized fairytales, I'm more interested in finding the mundane behind the glitz and the glamor. It's hard enough when in your first year of college or post-high school break to figure out what you want to do next. Imagine how much harder it is when you've already had a career that most people never attain.

Meet Lizzie Warner, child superstar with her own television series and music career. She's been famous for as long as she can remember, literally. And while she's earned bucketloads of money, she doesn't have any left in her bank account to show for it. She didn't learn to manage her own finances until too late, so in this respect, she's like any other nineteen year old.

Only, rather than dream of her future, she fears that all her dreams are now things of the past. Much like the honor student who fears college because they know the competition for Dean's List will be stiffer, or the popular student who wonders if they're destined to disappear once they step out into the wider world, Lizzie is afraid of what's to come. While she acted in a children's television program with bouncy enthusiasm and cute grins, the actors she's now competing with for roles were in drama school, putting in hours and years of work honing their craft.

If she can't keep working, she's got a very long life ahead of her. For the first time her life, she's got to figure out who she's going to be, and how she's going to get by.

It's not the ideal time to find love. A person needs to know herself before she can find her perfect match, but she's got an inexplicable crush on one of the personal trainers at her gym. He's gorgeous, but that shouldn't matter. She works in Hollywood. He's arrogant, abrasive, and shows women no respect. He calls, Lizzie "Veronica", the name of her television character.

So is her fascination with him just a bad impulse borne of lack of experience, or something else entirely? I won't spoil the plot, but I can say this, this crush of hers is not who anyone thinks he is.

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